Gustavo Vargas

Born in Cochabamba , Bolivia , Gustavo is a self taught musician that started playing guitar while in his teens. Seduced by the eclectic selection of his family's music collection, he picked up on the Nueva Trova Cubana first; encouraged by the compromised words of this movement, and open to the possibilities that the acoustic guitar offered. Rock and Roll found its way into his playing, and without warning, he was playing in local bands while cultivating his personal love to Bolivian folklore. After a few runs up and down the country, Gustavo found the maestro that would take his playing to the next level. His name is Gerardo Perez Capdevila, a Cuban guitarist of international renown, whose classical training was the base to lead a generation of Bolivian guitarists to professional careers and musical academic success. After receiving a prize in a National Guitar Competition in Tarija , Bolivia , Gustavo joined the Cochabamba Guitar ensemble and travel the country performing once again.

It was the year 2000, and the economic situation in Bolivia was reaching the bottom. In an act of auto exile, Gustavo left to the United Sates of America where Blues, Jazz and North American roots music would be a step into the essence of this country. After playing with a few local bands in the Washington DC area, he joined Juan and gave Raymi a rebirth.