Juan A. Cayrampoma
Zampoņas, Quenas, Tarkas, Mosceņos and Saxophone

He was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 12, he had the chance to travel to the Andes (Puno) where he realized that the Andean music was the music that would define him. That’s when his career started as a self taught musician. His contribution to RAYMI consists of Zampoņas, Quenas, Mosceņos and Tarkas instrumentation. Mainly focused on the Andean wind instruments he also plays guitar, charango and Saxophone (Alto). Juan’s musical influences are based on several genders such as: Rock: Queen, Aero Smith, The Beatles, Jettro Tull, Soda Stereo etc. Andean music: Los K’jarkas, Illapu, Rumillajta, Los Jaivas, Kalamarka, etc. Latin Jazz: Arturo Sandoval, Gato Barbieri, Eddie Palmieri, etc..

That's how this talented musician fuses his experiences to the modern world beat and sound, making a unity, a solid message to everyone about how mystic and captivating the music of The Andes can be. Established in Virginia , USA . Juan's main goal is to play the music that describes the soul and body of the Andes .