-Alejandro Lucini    
-Gustavo Vargas
-Juan A. Cayrampoma

RAYMI was formed by a group of young musicians since 1996. While the band is based in Washington DC , their music brings the hunting sounds and mystic power from The Andes to the rest of the Americas and the world. RAYMI uses traditional instruments such as Zampoñas, Mosceños, Quenas and Tarkas in context with the classic band instrumentation; exploring the possibilities that the bass, guitars, keyboards and trap drums can have together with the Andes tradition. RAYMI, which means Feast or Celebration in the Quechua Language, is a new musical language for many, a place from which contemporary universal music can be seen through to a dimension of unity and understanding.

RAYMI's passion for its roots is reflected in its music, its love for tradition and knowledge can be heard in its sound.

RAYMI's commitment with the people of the world is the seed that will grow and will be harvested by future generations so that the new world can enjoy the fruits of RAYMI's focus on human creation.